Paul’s Story

Paul Dziadik 2

My name is Paul Dziadik and I am a more or less as math / science person. What I REALLY got out of my education was a BS in Civil Engineering, a
certificate in GIS (geographical information Systems) and a minor degree in mathematics (engineering required a LOT of math from me!)

As an unemployed individual I am trying do something productive with my time, and what better way to help others who are having similar difficulties that I had gone through with student mentor!  There are a lot of people asking for help with prioritizing and time management and time management. I’ve also been helping anyone who has the need of help with maths or science, and always willing to help with anything else that I could either suggest
to students, or point them in the right direction or simply make the transition from a local school to a college environment!

My experience with has been an excellent experience! I truly hope that the people I am making the effort to help all that they have asks for will at least TRY some of the suggestions I offer them! At the moment I am helping a young lady with many of these topics previously listed! Just entering college she was a bit a stray for what goes where and how to deal with her educational situation. By asking simple open ended questions mostly, or giving possible direction through analogies I enjoy sharing the information which have acquired, to help others in similar or same situations! I would certainly suggest to anyone who has the need to utilize the information!