Raoul’s Story

Raoul Lobo_3

Hi my name is Raoul Lobo. I live and work in New York. I have a Bachelor’s in Finance (minor in International Studies) and a Master’s in Risk Management. Currently, I work as Catastrophe Risk Analyst for a commercial lines insurer. My job involves using 3rd party vendor models to estimate the probability of natural (hurricane, earthquake, fire etc.) and man-made (terrorism, sabotage etc.) catastrophes occurring and quantifying the downside risk for our book of business. I joined StudentMentor.org, because through college and my past, random people with no incentive to help me, have always taken the time and trouble to give me advice, help me, guide me and ultimately help me get a job. I want to pay it forward and hopefully positively benefit someone’s career. I really believe that the sense of satisfaction that would come from having helped someone secure their first job would be incomparable.

Currently, I am trying to help my mentee research and identify jobs in the risk management field. We are talking about the essentials of how to network effectively. I am also trying to help him narrow down his choices in terms of what he would like to do. Once we have a single focus, we will delve deeper into how to leverage alumni contacts, network anew and hopefully land a job within his chosen field. This has been a great first mentoring experience for me and it is refreshing to see a eager young student just ready to go! It’s also a tremendous learning opportunity for me to grow and mature as someone who can advise and mentor others, an essential skill for later in one’s career.

I would unequivocally and absolutely recommend StudentMentor.org. It is a simple, easy to use and most importantly (I say this because people often don’t have time to mentor with their work schedules) convenient platform to reach out to people and make a positive impact.