Sequana’s Story

Sequana Tolon

My name is Sequana Tolon and I am a current second year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. My career goals are to gain a myriad of knowledge and skills related to organizational development, change management, strategic communications and planning, human resource management, and pursue a career in management and human capitol consulting. From early childhood, I have been taught the importance of academic excellence and research. I will be the first person in my nuclear family to obtain a graduate degree; which is an honor and exciting accomplishment. My family played a significant role in my educational journey by encouraging me to take advantage of opportunities that were both challenging and rewarding that included, but were not limited academic summer programs, internships, and social science research assistantships. The value of such experiences have served as a significant component of the foundation that I continue to build as a science practitioner and consultant. Over the years, I have also learned that mentorship experiences are a key element to success.

I was so happy to learn about and the benefits associated with participation. The type of advice that I have received from my mentor has been invaluable to my professional development. The information provided from my mentor s not written in a text book; but is a function of a seasoned professional career. Three of the greatest lessons that I have learned from a mentor thus far are (1) the importance of building client relationships (2) the importance of project planning with the end in mind and (3) the importance of utilizing a wide range of skills and strategies to address client needs and evaluate the impact of implementation. I would unequivocally recommend to others! This is an amazing opportunity and the possibilities are endless.