Sharon’s Story

Sharon Cece_3

My name is Sharon Cece and my professional background includes office administration, emergency response office management, property (community) management, retail management, vocational counseling (adolescent residential treatment) and sales. In tandem with my current role as a project liaison and specialist in program support, I’m also a writer and columnist.

When I received my degree in 2006 as a wife and mother re-entering the workforce, I felt overwhelmed by all the vocational choices before me. I appreciated those who helped to guide me on my career path, one that is now fulfilling and rewarding. I realize this may sound platitudinous in narrative, yet fulfillment and self-actualization are such essential human needs; in fact, the very apogee of (Maslow’s) hierarchy of needs! I wanted to contribute back and perhaps offer some experiential wisdom based on the opportunities I’ve been given, both as a student preparing for my future and as a professional in the workforce.

I’ve been assisting my mentees with their excellent inquiries, some of which are unique and some which relate to students universally. A sampling of questions include: “I would like to volunteer but don’t know which organization would be right for me”, “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a ______; I need ideas on how to get started”, and the common, “Help! I just need some insight”! It’s a huge challenge for students to make these choices; having a mentor to guide the process, lend advice and offer support can be invaluable. I’ve been matched with wonderful, intelligent, and appreciative students with whom I’m very pleased to dialogue with. A great aspect of you are paired with students who seek experiences similar to your background; thus, from the start mentors and mentees share common interests and aspirations.

There is a fundamental desire in each one of us to find our true purpose in life. In pursuit of these ambitions, students thirst for advice and support from mentors. In turn, mentors enjoy walking a few steps with students on their journey toward fulfillment. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who has a desire to share ideas, goals, experiences and opportunities for the possible betterment of students’ lives.