Shea’s Story

Shea Giaquinto

My name is Shea Giaquinto, and my goal is to become a physician. I learned about from my peers, so I decided to look into it, and I have not been more pleased with my results. I do not have anyone in my family who is a physician or even involved in medicine, so the feedback I have received from my mentors is extremely helpful. At times I feel like I am running in place in this journey and getting nowhere, but then I have my mentors to talk to and they remind me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if I keep pushing forward I will eventually reach my goal. I am extremely lucky to have a great supportive family, but without my mentors I would be lost. My mentors have told me tricks about how to stand out in an application as well as study tactics for the MCAT. I plan on applying to medical school next year and I know I will be relying on my mentors heavily to help guide me through the admissions process.

I strongly recommend to anyone who is going through school or any type of situation where they could use some advice. I have three mentors already and each has their own specific insights. I have told all my peers in my Post–baccalaureate program that they should join the program. The mentors do not get paid so they are helping because it is what they love to do and that makes the experience even better. My path has been challenging, but plays a huge role in my success thus far, and I plan to keep going and utilizing the great resources I have been given.