Tara’s Story


Please describe your background (i.e. current job, industry, etc.) and what motivated you to join StudentMentor.org?

My background consists of six years in professional modeling dedicated to aspects of fashion, glamour, swimsuit, and fitness. Within the professional modeling realm, I have a remarkable acumen in business, marketing and entrepreneurship, and continue to further my knowledge in business related matters. Upon satisfaction of my modeling career, I completed my dual degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and Strategic Leadership, with an Operational Leadership certification. Currently I am in the process of building and constructing my own business and completing my Masters in Management.

What motivated me to join StudentMentor.org is my unyielding desire to assist those whom aspire to achieve their highest goals in life. Some students/mentees are uncertain of how to even grasp their goals, moreover begin a plan of action. I want to be that guidance, offer research suggestions, and allow individuals to use me as a resourceful tool. Ask questions and retain answers- as I am willing to share all of my experiences in order for students/mentees to achieve their highest success.

What have you been helping the mentee on and how has this experience been for you?

I have been supporting many mentees, ranging from fashion merchandising to enterprise. Mainly, focusing on assistance and guidance with deciding on a specific college major whereas transitioning from a community college to a major university, selecting internships while in senior year of college, and how to locate the best resources related to topic/major. I encourage my mentees to use me to their full advantage! Ask as many questions, and never feel intrusive. This is such a rewarding program, helping others around the nation- I couldn’t ask for much more!

Would you recommend getting involved with StudentMentor.org to others?

I have recommended StudentMentor.org to many! I have it posted on my Facebook page as a useful source; also encouraged some of my young personal mentees to get involved. Even if time is limited, just dedicating time to one mentee can make a difference. Regarding mentees, there are many professionals whom are experts in numerous areas that can be an accommodating guide to academic and career success. This is a non-profit organization! Get involved!!