Teisha’s Story

Teisha 2

Please describe your background (i.e. current job, industry, etc.) and what motivated you to join StudentMentor.org?

My background extends 13.5 years in the HR and Recruiting industry. My current role is the Principal Consultant of IndieRecruiter LLC. This is a consulting firm that I started in 2005. I work with medium to large scale companies assisting their HR and Recruiting functions/groups. Some clients include: PWC, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte Consulting, EDS and McGladrey. My services to my clients are as follows but not limited to: Recruitment Strategy and Implementation, Strategic Sourcing, Process and Improvement, Company best practices, and Research and Development.

What have you been helping the mentee on and how has this experience been for you?

I joined StudentMentor.org after volunteering at my daughter’s high school on several occasions to speak with current students about college, career choice and balancing it all out with everyday life. Also, I noticed after some of the kids had gone off to college, they still had questions or even “new” questions that would come up about classes, choice of major, working, depression…etc. This definitely hit home for me because my daughter will be in college next year and she and I have these talks quite frequently already. I felt like if these students need this type of outlet, I am sure there are others. Initially, I was seeking a site to do more “general” mentoring and when I saw this one, I thought it was perfect! Not only for me to be a “Mentor”, yet for students who need help…to become a “Mentee”. It is definitely a program that I would like to share with the graduating class of 2011 at my daughter’s school because I can see it benefitting many of those off to college.

With StudentMentor.org, I have assisted students in the areas of choosing a major or direction based on interest, I have spoken about the HR and Recruiting industry (experience, pay, educational background, areas to work in HR, etc.) balancing work and school life, focus, assistance with finding opportunities via networking, and most of all, remaining “positive” through the process. This experience has been enlightening to me and also puts my knowledge to the test. I really enjoy mentoring!

Would you recommend getting involved with StudentMentor.org to others?

I would surely recommend others getting involved with StudentMentor.org. It is listed on my company website, my LinkedIn profile, and I also share the information with companies I consult with!