Torrence’s Story

Torrence Williams

My name is Torrence Williams. My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.  I am currently an employee for the Department of Homeland Security.  My duties are wide-ranging, but my goal is clear: a safer, more secure America.

I have been providing the individuals in which I mentor with a cornucopia of knowledge that I have acquired over my academic and work history.  I specifically like to provide individuals with information on student employment programs, internships, and entry level positions in the criminal justice field that will not only be beneficial, however something that will provide them with that sense of fulfillment that so many are searching for.

One of my favorite things to do is working with smart people doing interesting and innovating things. It’s exciting to work with students who are passionate about bringing their ideas and passions to realization through their careers. I like to think that I can offer something useful by sharing what I’ve learned in my career working as an Employee of the United States Government. If you have information that will benefit young professionals is the best platform to assist the future leaders of America.