Vanessa’s Story

Vanessa Williams 2

As a college student at the University of New Hampshire, I was a ?Communication and Spanish dual major with lots of interest in mentoring, ?tutoring, and assisting other colleagues and members of my community. I ?loved the idea of helping others achieve their goals and become a more ?educated and confident individual. After leading study groups, mentor ?programs, resume reviews, and tutoring sessions for students of all ages, ?it was so unbelievably rewarding to see the people you’ve worked with for ?weeks, months, or even years, grow into the person they wanted to be. ?Currently with my job as Assistant Sales Manager for NETC Educational ?Travel, I still found myself wanting to give back through mentoring. ?Working full-time certainly has its benefits, but it didn’t exactly provide ?me with the flexibility and time to meet in person with those I wished to ?help. So, when I found, I thought this would be the ?perfect venue in which to use my skills and experience to guide others in ?their quest for advice and motivation.

So far, the mentoring experience has proved very fulfilling for me. To ?date, I have offered general career advice, resume review help, interview ?question samples, explanations of how I got to be where I am today, ?suggestions of possible college majors, and so forth. The online forum for ?sharing information has proved very valuable both for me and my mentees ?since that allows us to correspond 24/7 rather than just one timed session.

Absolutely! Personally, this was a great way to stay connected with the ?mentoring community while still being able to hold a full-time job. It ?allows me the flexibility to help others on my own time rather than commit ?to traveling to an appointment or figuring out schedules and times. ? pairs mentors and mentees in a way that works to both ?parties’ benefit, and I think it’s a great organization that everyone ?should take advantage of.