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Christina WarnerLucy ChenSequana TolonAjané Celestin-GreerAmanda SpaunhorstDanielle AlbrightGabriel Valdivia
Jacob GreeneAracely ValenciaJan SimmalaJason AuJonathan LacosteJoshua LewisJoyce Jiao
Laura GoingMark Lombardi-NelsonMaryAnn Ma-NaisMichele HenleyEtienne BowieNicole LauSarvani
Shea GiaquintoSherita BlackAriana Rojas
Abhishek SarihanDasha BoguslavskayaDon ThrasherElisa ReynosoHariBenjamin JangJosh Croskey
Laura HabberfieldMarilyn McGreen HotzMike MartoneMoorthy SubbiahTorrence WilliamsVeronikha SalazarAmanda Vogelsang
Chris OlolaClare JordanStephanieAlicia LikenElizabeth GaitanDr. Cecily WangChristine
Elizabeth BobrickEric JohnsenFrank WeicksJarrod KroahIsa AdneyPaul KimJoan Boone
Joe IllingsworthJoelleTara LevineDoug BrentRicardo MatroneMegan MacKayAntonio Neves
Andrew LongMelissa PhilipsMeredith SiglerMichele SimpsonMichelleMykim TranPaul Dziadik
Dr. Priya GaihaArthure VienteRachel CollierRaoul LoboSharon CeceTeisha OvertonVanessa Williams

Christina Warner

Christina Warner

“Mentoring is extremely important. It is well know that in business, medical, and any industry, having multiple mentors is the key to success. I have been blessed with terrific mentors, both from and off, and I find them to be sounding boards for life and career decisions.”

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Lucy Chen

Lucy Chen

“My mentors, Jay and Sam, were extremely helpful and supportive. They provide deep insight into my business, and direct me towards the right path if they are uncertain of answers.”

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Sequana Tolon

Sequana Tolon

“This is an amazing opportunity and the possibilities are endless.”

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Ajané Celestin-Greer


“My two life blows came so close together that they nearly crushed me and I felt very lost for awhile. However, I began working with Monica, my mentor. With her help and encouragement, I have quickly regained confidence in myself and in my choices.”

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Amanda Spaunhorst


“I couldn’t believe that my mentor was willing to put so much time and effort into helping a student like me. I have been overwhelmed by the willingness of my mentors and hope to be a mentor to students like me after reaching my goals.”

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Danielle Albright

Daniellephoto 2

“I find myself more positive about my future. The confidence boost has allowed me to take steps to achieve my dreams that I previously would not have done. My perspective has transformed from worry to excitement about my own potential.”

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Gabriel Valdivia

Gabriel Valdivia 2

“I would definitely recommend to anyone and when I have enough skills I would love to mentor!”

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Jacob Greene

Jacob Greene 2

“I owe both my mentors great appreciation for guiding me in the right path and giving me the confidence to search for a career path that suits me. is a great resource for finding the inspiration you need.”

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Aracely Valencia

Jan Simmala

Jason Au

Jason Au

“I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to seek advice. It has been an awesome experience for me and I have benefited so much in the short time since I joined.”

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Jonathan Lacoste

Joshua Lewis

Joshua Lewis

“Its never too late to change your stars, and thanks to, I am that much more optimistic about my tomorrow.”

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Joyce Jiao

Joyce Jiao 2

“My mentor is one of the best mentors that I’ve had in my life. I feel more secure and confident as I travel down the road to achieve my goal because someone that I trust is out there with me whenever I need some advice.”

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Laura Going

Laura Going

“My mentor, Allyson, has been the biggest blessing. Allyson has gone above and beyond. There was no other place where I could get that. Allyson helped me draw my own game board instead of just rolling the dice.”

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Mark Lombardi-Nelson

Mark 3

“I was excited about my mentor because he classified himself as an Entrepreneur and I believe in the same for myself. I would highly recommend to others!”

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MaryAnn Ma-Nais

MaryAnn Ma-Nais 2

“My mentor Dr. Priya Gaiha (a general surgeon) has given me insight on her everyday life and gave me vision on the path that she took to get her to where she is today.”

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Michele Henley

Etienne Bowie

Nicole Lau


Michelle Henley

“I am so confident about where I am heading right now and I am sure that if I have any more questions in future, all my mentors and will be there for me.”

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Shea Giaquinto

Shea Giaquinto

“I am extremely lucky to have a great supportive family, but without my mentors I would be lost. My path has been challenging, but plays a huge role in my success thus far.”

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Sherita Black

Sherita Black

“I would absolutely recommend to others, in fact, I have already. I’ve found my mentors to be extremely helpful.”

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Ariana Rojas

Abhishek Sarihan

Abhishek Sarihan

“I have ?thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Enock so far and I expect this ?experience to only get better as we both get to know each other even more. I would completely recommend to others.”

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Dasha Boguslavskaya

Dasha Boguslavskaya

“Knowledge is a powerful tool and if we as a society stand together ?and continue to give our knowledge to our next generation, then perhaps we ?will continue a legacy that we were meant to continue.”

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Don Thrasher

Don Thrasher

“The mentoring process benefited me and that is why I feel and obligation to give back and mentor others. In our society today there are many talented young people who haven’t had the opportunity to receive guidance in regards to a career but also in many other aspects of life.”

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Elisa Reynoso

Elisa Reynoso

“I feel strongly ?that I can share my own experiences and knowledge with people that need ?mentoring and make a positive impact on society as a whole. It brings me ?great pleasure to be able to help someone even in the smallest way if I ?can.”

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“I think mentoring is important because it allows someone with relevant experience to provide advice to someone who needs guidance or is really lost and confused (like I was). It feels gratifying to me when I can help someone going through what I went through.”

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Benjamin Jang

Josh Croskey

Josh Croskey

“Mentoring has been a mutually beneficial relationship. I feel the mentees I’ve worked with and are currently working with have learned from me and I feel I’ve learned from them as well.”

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Laura Habberfield

Laura Habberfield

“I have really enjoyed my experience so far, and I would like to be ?able to help these individuals further throughout their career. I know ?that working with them will allow me to learn something new as well, which ?I also really like about the mentor/mentee relationship.”

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Marilyn McGreen Hotz

Mike Martone

Mike Martone

“My experience so far has been very rewarding so far I’ve been enjoying my experience helping others through the program.”

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Moorthy Subbiah

Moorthy Subbiah

“Mentoring helps increase my own knowledge and gives a sense of satisfaction ?and purpose in life. Knowledge sharing and mentoring is a responsibility ?and the only possible alternative to uplift any society and people.”

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Torrence Williams

Torrence Williams

“It’s exciting to work with students who are passionate about bringing their ideas and passions to realization through their careers. If you have information that will benefit young professionals is the best platform to assist the future leaders of America.”

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Veronikha Salazar

Veronikha Salazar

“It is important because we, as people and as a society need it. Mentoring ?is vital in our lives and in our society. Mentoring is important to me for ?this is a way I can give back to my community. We all need that somebody ?that will make us feel and let us know that we do matter to them as much as?to the world.”

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Amanda Vogelsang

Amanda Vogelsang 2

“So far I’ve been so ?impressed with how driven my mentee has been and how eager she is to learn. ?In short, I’m very happy I can help.”

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Chris Olola

Chris Olola 2

“The mentees have been very grateful for my mentor-ship and that encourages me to help more, whenever I can!”

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Clare Jordan

Clare Jordan 2

“There are many ?benefits of involvement, but the biggest one for me has been the sense of ?”paying it forward” by passing on knowledge.”

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Stephanie NO LAST NAME

“Mentoring has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.”

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Alicia Liken

Alicia Liken

“I was ?motivated to join because I have a fresh-out-of-college ?experience mixed with industry insight.”

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Elizabeth Gaitan

Elizabeth Gaitan

“ provides an easy and convenient way to volunteer and help others in one of the biggest milestones in their lives.”

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Dr. Cecily Wang

Cecily Wang-Pic 2

“I am a trauma/acute care/general surgeon. I work as a surgeon in the U.S. 6 months a year, and do medical relief work and anti-human trafficking work overseas the other 6 months. Working with my mentees has been a lot of fun and brings (even more) variety into my life.”

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Christine_Kinsey 2

“Helping my mentees is the best feeling in the world and just to know that my words can affect someone’s life is such a touching experience for me to be rewarded with.”

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Elizabeth Bobrick

Elizabeth Bobrick

“Meeting a new mentee is like opening a surprise package. Finding out what they’ve just done or are planning to do is like a new chapter in a book. And it’s so easy.”

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Eric Johnsen

Eric Johnsen_3

“The interaction is fun and joyful, and the students very appreciative of the time and help. It gives me hope in our next generation.”

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Frank Weicks

Frank Weicks 2

“I would definitely recommend to other experienced professionals, who have the time and desire to volunteer in assisting students.”

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Jarrod Kroah

Jarrod Kroah 2

“I have enjoyed sharing some of the lessons I learned from my attempts to get in to advertising in college and ideas I have for building a portfolio. I feel like our discussions have been very productive and I have really enjoyed it. I would absolutely recommend to others!”

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Isa Adney

Paul Kim

Joan Boone

Joan Boone 2

“It has been a journey for both me and the mentee as I have gone back through my career to discuss some of the roles that were the most satisfying for me, as well as some positions that didn’t work out for one reason or another.”

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Joe Illingsworth

Joe Illingworth 2

“When I first learned of, I tended to think of mentoring as a mostly one-way transaction with most of the benefits being given to the protégé or mentee. Two months of mentoring has greatly changed that perspective. I have already gained valuable insights from my mentoring experience.”

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Tara Levine


“I encourage my mentees to use me to their full advantage! Ask as many questions, and never feel intrusive. This is such a rewarding program, helping others around the nation- I couldn’t ask for much more!”

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Doug Brent

Doug 2

“I am a 30 year veteran of Silicon Valley with a background in leading teams, and hardware/software development. attracted me through both the mission and its innovative approach.”

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Ricardo Matrone

Megan MacKay

Megan McKay

“ makes it easy for me to help other students who are in the same position I was once in while I continue pursuing my goals. What a perfect idea, and so easy to use!”

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Antonio Neves

Andrew Long

Melissa Philips

Melissa Phillips

“I wholeheartedly recommend to other professionals as it is so important to give back to the professional community, and keep in touch with aspiring leaders.”

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Meredith Sigler

Meredith Sigler 2

“This has been great for me as well, as it has really helped to evaluate my priorities for what I would like to accomplish in my career. is a great way to easily connect with and help students.”

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Michele Simpson

Michele Simpson-Pic 2

“The experience and feeling that you get from working with the students is such a great feeling. You feel a great deal of satisfaction placing someone on the right track.”

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Michelle Labrie 2

“I would definitely recommend others to use, it is convenient and rewarding. It’s an indescribable feeling to help other people.”

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Mykim Tran

Mykim Tran 2

“I believe that to help others discover what they want out of life will not only bring them, but also myself happiness. I believe that when something good develops, everyone will benefit, and that is why I would recommend to others.”

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Paul Dziadik

Paul Dziadik 2

“My experience with has been an excellent experience! I would certainly suggest to anyone who has the need to utilize the information!’

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Dr. Priya Gaiha

Priya Gaiha

“My name is Priya Gaiha and I am a general surgeon. I understand how difficult the road can be to achieve your dreams. The most important people in my life, outside of my family, were and still are my mentors. To be able to share your experiences and guide those on their journey to their goal is extremely rewarding.”

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Arthure Viente

Arthur Viente

“This experience has allowed me to tap into my past, explore my experiences, and share with others considerations that may not be as apparent to them at an early stage of their career. It has helped me continue to evaluate my own goals, remind me the learning process never ends, and I have as much to learn as I do to teach.”

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Rachel Collier

Raoul Lobo

Raoul Lobo_3

“This has been a great first mentoring experience for me and it is refreshing to see a eager young student just ready to go! The mentorship has been a tremendous learning opportunity for me to grow and mature as someone who can advise and mentor others, an essential skill for later in one’s career.”

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Sharon Cece

Sharon Cece_3

“I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who has a desire to share ideas, goals, experiences and opportunities for the possible betterment of students’ lives.”

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Teisha Overton

Teisha 2

“This experience has been enlightening to me and also puts my knowledge to the test. I really enjoy mentoring! I would surely recommend others getting involved with It is listed on my company website, my LinkedIn profile and I also share the information with companies I consult with!”

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Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams 2

“The mentoring experience has proved very fulfilling for me. pairs mentors and mentees in a way that works to both ?parties’ benefit, and I think it’s a great organization that everyone ?should take advantage of.”

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