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  • Career/Industry/Major Insight
    • Accounting/Tax
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Agriculture
    • Architecture
    • Automotive
    • Biotech/Science
    • Business/Management
    • Chemical
    • Computer Hardware
    • Consulting
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    • Education
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    • Entrepreneurship
    • Fashion
    • Financial Services
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    • Government
    • Hospitality
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    • Information Technology
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    • Military
    • Music/Performing Arts
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    • Online/Social Media
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Real Estate
    • Sales/Business Development
    • Software Development
    • Sports
    • Supply Chain/Logistics
    • Travel/Tourism
    • Veterinary
    • Writing/Journalism/Editing
  • Grad School Preparation
    • Business
    • Dental
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Humanities
    • Law
    • Life Sciences
    • Medical
    • Nursing
    • Optometry
    • Pharmacy
    • Social Sciences
    • Other Graduate School
  • Financing Your Education
    • Grad School Financing
    • Scholarship Advice
    • Undergraduate Financing
  • Interview Strategy/Practice
  • Time Management/Study Skills
  • Transferring

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Serve as a role model to a college student

  • Share your valuable knowledge and experience
  • Improve your coaching, communication, and leadership skills
  • Choose how you want to communicate and how much time you can commit
  • Feel tremendous satisfaction with your current job and chosen career

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Doug Brent

"I am a 30 year veteran of Silicon Valley with a background in leading teams, and hardware/software development My experience includes large organizations like Apple and IBM, entrepreneurial organizations, and recently working with governments."

Read more from Doug

Tara Levine

"I encourage my mentees to use me to their full advantage! Ask as many questions, and never feel intrusive. This is such a rewarding program, helping others around the nation- I couldn't ask for much more!"

Read more from Tara

Joe Illingworth

"Two months of mentoring has greatly changed that perspective. I have already gained valuable insights from my mentoring experience."

Read more from Joe

Teisha Overton

"This experience has been enlightening to me and also puts my knowledge to the test. I really enjoy mentoring! I would surely recommend others getting involved with"

Read more from Teisha

Danielle Albright

"I find myself more positive about my future. The confidence boost has allowed me to take steps to achieve my dreams that I previously would not have done. With the encouragement of a mentor, I am now much more willing to seek out additional advice from other professionals and am no longer feeling timid."

Read more from Danielle

Isa Adney

Antonio Neves

Nicole Lau

Joelle Jenkins

Ariana Rojas

Etienne Bowie

Michelle Henley